Website Finds Local Credit Card Data Being Sold Online | Regional: Berks – Home

AT&T’s smart home service goes overseas: Telefonica to test it out – Yahoo News

The app, called AT&T Digital Life, will work on both tablets and smartphones for Android, iOS, and an HTML5-driven Web portal.

I mean, if they wanted to stop it, it could have been stopped,” said Jesus Acosta, a shopper. Hartung suggests you put “see photo ID” on the back of your cards and save receipts, but he said data breaches are unfortunately a problem that will not be going away any time soon. “You cannot be 100 percent safe. It can happen to you, to your cameraman here today. It is just that you need to aware of what is going on in the world,” said Hartung. The company said there is no evidence that customers’ pin information was compromised. It is offering free identity protection and credit monitoring to customers who used a credit or debit card at affected stores, including the one in Wyomissing.
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Garage Door Operator: An updated garage door operator offers built-in safety features, ultra-quiet operation and other improvements that add significant value over an erratic and noisy older model. Often ignored, battery backup units on garage doors grant access during black-out conditions, something to appreciate during adverse weather conditions. Central Vacuum System: Homeowners with a central vacuum system enjoy more convenient cleaning and better air quality, but because its considered by many to be a luxury item, homes with a centralized vacuum system can see an increase in value by as much as two or three times the cost of the system. And installing a system can be practical, even on a budget, as systems come at a range of price points. For example, Linear offers both disposable bag and bagless central vacuums that vary in their cleaning capacity based on the size of a home. Whole-house/multi-room audio: Although a bit more expensive than other improvements, a distributed audio system is great for turning your home into an entertainment venue for hosting parties or supreme personal use. Video Intercoms: Especially useful for larger houses or work-from-home offices that get frequent deliveries, a affordable wireless home security systems video intercom is great for security and convenience to let homeowners know whos at the door before revealing whether anyone is home. New models like Linears VMC-1 also send email or text alerts with pictures when a homeowner is away, giving snapshot views of who has come and gone.
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Spirent Breaks the “Box” Model of Wireless Testing With the Launch of the Elevate Test Framework – Yahoo Finance

Seth Rosenblatt/CNET LAS VEGAS — AT&T’s Digital Life home automation and security platform has legs, both domestically and internationally. AT&T and Spanish telecommunications Telefonica said on Monday that Telefonica would begin testing out the Digital Life smart life service in its own markets, licensing the platform from AT&T. The two companies made the announcement at a wirelessly connected home here, a day before the CTIA Super Mobility Week wireless trade show begins. View gallery . AT&T AT&T has been hot on the concept of connecting every single device in the home — an idea many call the “Internet of Things” — and has been in the smart home business for the past two years, having launched Digital Life in May 2012. At the time, AT&T stressed that it was more than a set of services; it was a platform which that includes wirelessly connected devices and home fixtures, security, software, and automation.
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Affordable Home Improvements to Boost Your Home’s Value – News Mirror: Home Improvement

Services such as VoLTE (Voice-over-LTE) and RCS (Rich Communication Services) are exposing entirely new interoperability issues with commercial devices on live networks. The ability to evaluate device, service and user experience performance earlier on in the lab and generate meaningful analytics that can be shared across global development teams has become a necessity. To introduce disruptive innovation into an industry that is rapidly changing and evolving is a fairly tall order, requiring extensive expertise, leadership and customer savvy, said Rob VanBrunt, General Manager of Spirents Wireless business. Elevate is the culmination of years of testing experience and strategic acquisitions which positions Spirent strongly to more fully serve a broader wireless ecosystem. We believe that the Elevate Test Frameworks innovation will enable a faster development cycle and deliver a higher-quality user experience to the wireless industry and evolving M2M markets. Spirent Elevate breaks the box testing model by separating hardware from software, making use of virtualization and organizing test elements and resources into an open architecture. The framework encompasses instrumentation, emulated and live services, an open API, automated and interactive testing, analytics that cross all phases of wireless device development, and shareable test results for comprehensive collaboration.
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